West Side Stories

2018 is the anniversary year for two of the 20th century’s biggest musical figures – Claude Debussy and Leonard Bernstein (above – photo courtesy of CBS). On 25 August 1918, exactly five months after the death of the French composer, Bernstein was born – and when he left us in 1990 he had given his all as a highly charismatic teacher, composer, conductor and pianist.

Alongside its explorations of the music of Debussy, Arcana will be looking at Bernstein’s output, from the stage works through to the songs and piano music, to get a greater sense of his personality and place in musical history.

We will enjoy the views of performers and writers, suggest playlists and much, much more.

All Bernstein-related content can be found here as the year progresses – hope you enjoy it, and please do get involved through social media whenever you like!