Switched on – Matthewdavid’s Mindflight: Care Tracts EP (Leaving Records)

What’s the story?

Matthewdavid’s Mindflight is the incredibly ambient extension of producer Matthewdavid‘s output. As a composer used to working across genres, this is the area where he really kicks back and lets things evolve at a very natural pace.

The EP comes with a message from Matthewdavid, saying that ‘With your help we will overthrow corrupt capitalistic systems of greed and exploitation in favour of life and love for the benefit of all beings. We will end all war and hierarchy. Love is the gateway to paradise. Love is your way.’

What’s the music like?

The above sentiments come through with the music – but to be honest this is music that is best experienced with the objective of getting a completely empty head. Previous albums from this source have been capable of doing exactly that – and this half-hour set of three continuously mixed and evolving tracks hits the spot unerringly.

It always takes a little while for the dust to settle, but when it does the sonic beauty of these electronics can be appreciated. The sound world is definitely an outdoor one, with a soft breeze and cool blue colours. Best to treat this is one continuous composition with three blissful ‘movements’, and the music will make its most effective impact.

Does it all work?

Yes. With no beats in sight and no specific harmonic movement, this is nonetheless music that continues to evolve. It is the aural equivalent of sitting on the beach and staring at a calm sea, inducing all sorts of stationary and soothing thoughts.

Is it recommended?

Yes, effortlessly. Previous visitors to this source will know just what to expect – and they won’t be disappointed. If you’re new and fancy some warm-weather tranquillity in musical form, then look no further!



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