Listening to Beethoven #29 – Two movements from a Piano Sonata in F major

Bust of Beethoven, by Franz Klein (1812)

2 Movements from a Piano Sonatina in F major WoO 50 (1790-92, Beethoven aged 21)

Dedication Franz Gerhard Wegeler
Duration 2′


Background and Critical Reception

Very little is known of this short pair of fragments, published long after Beethoven’s death in 1950. The apparent dedicatee is Franz Gerhard Wegeler, a German physician and one of the composer’s childhood friends.

The first movement has no tempo marking but its intentions appear to be quite fast, while the fragmented second movement is in triple time.


The first movement fragment flows smoothly over an oscillating left hand line. Beethoven’s theme is simplicity itself, but goes off at a tangent towards the end. The second movement really is gone before you know it – but has quite a crisp theme with a nice lilt to its rhythm.

Ultimately, both fragments are too short to make a lasting impact.

Recordings used

Gianluca Cascioli (DG)
Alessandro Deljaven (OnClassical)

Cascioli’s performances flow beautifully, while Deljaven’s feel rather more deliberate, the left hand accompaniment much more earthbound.

Spotify links

Gianluca Cascioli

Alessandro Deljaven

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Also written in 1792 Haydn 12 Minuets, Hob.IX:11

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