Switched On – Twinkle3: Minor Planets (Marionette)

reviewed by Ben Hogwood

What’s the story?

Minor Planets completes a trilogy spanning 15 years from Twinkle 3. The trio – Richard Scott, David Ross and Clive Bell – have a very open musical approach, which on this album allows influences from diverse sources such as Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Stockhausen to be taken in, via some sounds of the Far East evoked by Bell’s shakuhachi. The press release for Minor Planets tells a vivid story, promising ‘aleatoric analogue sequencing, chamber-like acoustic improvisation and dub treatments’…which ‘become distilled into a district and emotive narrative that takes us on an exilharating hyperspace cruise to the outer reaches.’

What’s the music like?

Fluid, instinctive and never less than intriguing. Minor Planets captures the sense of emptiness outer space portrays, but also the elements of strangeness, discovery and wonder. From the strange ticking and slightly acidic electronics of Opik 2099 to the mysterious Ziziyu 26946, the textures constantly evolve and the dubby beats provide both comfort and on occasion edginess. The shanachi sounds rather wonderful when used on Soma 2815 and on Kallope 22, taking the listener far away.

Does it all work?

Yes, it does, though headphones are recommended to get the best sonic perspective. Minor Planets does indeed take the listener far from home on its nine very different excursions.

Is it recommended?

Definitely. Those with a mind for ambient music should seek this out, especially if they like a bit of exploration and experimentation at the same time.

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