Playlist – Amongst The Pigeons: NOISE WILL BE TAKEN AS REJECTION


It is our great pleasure to welcome Amongst The Pigeons to the Arcana playlist section for the second time, with a new playlist NOISE WILL BE TAKEN AS REJECTION, a companion to new album SILENCE WILL BE ASSUMED AS ACCEPTANCE, released on Friday 7 May.

Amongst The Pigeons is the avian moniker for South Coast producer and performer Daniel Parsons. The new album is a passionate response both to the Coronavirus pandemic and those overseeing the response, and the playlist captures its sentiments as well as celebrating the wonders of the natural world. Not to mention good music!

Daniel gave his thoughts on each track in the playlist, which can be accessed at the bottom of the page:

Beans On Toast Protest Song
In many ways my new album is a ‘protest album’ so we open with this track by Beans on Toast.

Hannah Peel Emergence in nature
This is taken off the new Hannah Peel album which I am sure this will be #1 in a lot of end of year charts and rightly so.

Amongst The PigeonsInflight Entertainment (Fast Trains remix)
Tom aka Fast Trains does not have his music on streaming services but he did make this awesome remix for one of the tracks off my last album so we open with this. His latest EP is amazing so do go and check it out on Bandcamp. He features on my track ‘Before The Storm Hits’.

Daniel Avery Lone Swordsman
I love this song so much. The best track of 2020. Flawless and I could listen to this on repeat forever.

Tiger MendozaHope Sick (2021 dub mix)
Ian aka Tiger Mendoza features on a track called Holding My Breath. Last year he released his latest album TMSK8: The Mixtape. This track is taken from it.

Sad Man Finny Foot
I started hearing about Sad Man about a year ago and have very much been enjoying his stuff. This is taken from his new album The Man from S.A.D.

Annika BrownThe Devil Has A Shovel
Charis Cooper also sings on ‘Holding My Breath’. Back in 2017 she released an album called The Devil’s Storybook under the name Annika Brown. She has lots of new stuff on her Instagram channel.

Lynks feat Charlie SteenThis Is The Hit
I love Lynks. They have everything. The music. The image. The mystery. Amazing stuff

Exactly ZeroInfinite Perception
Ollie and I were Exactly Zero. He features on my current single called Colour Blind. This track was one of my favourite on our album we made.

I had not heard of Fable before she followed me on Instagram. Her music is INCREDIBLE!

Richard WisemanCovert Goat Mission
I challenge you to find a stranger song than this! I recorded this track with Richard and it was actually the genesis of N.V.O.D on my new album which Richard also sings on.

Sofia KourtesisDakotas
I recently discovered this EP after hearing her track on the Lippy Kid electronica show.

Emma King Empty Nights & Empty Days
Emma sings on ‘Bring the stars closer’ on my new album. She has so many good songs this one really shows off her awesome vocals.

AK/DK Defragment To Survive
Ed from AK/DK mastered the new album. This track is taken off the latest AK/DK album which came out at the end of 2020. As always with these guys it is amazing.

Across The SeaBehind The Looking Glass
Hannah does the vocals on Beats & Slippers on the new album. This track is one from her band Across The Sea.

Julia-Sophie And You Know It
Again, another artist I only recently hear of but love this E.P. and can’t wait to hear more.

The Sad Song CoMy Saccharine
Nigel features on the penultimate song on my album called Spread Hope. He recently released his 5th album which is a joyous mix of indie, prog, rock and addictive tunes.

Mærcstapa Helicopters
This amazing song is by the mysterious Maercstapa. This artist has released two E.P.s so far. Both of which have been amazing.

MogwaiCeiling Granny
This song! Wow. It stuck out so much when I gave their new album a first listen and love it. It reminds me of early 90s grunge and I am all for that.

The ProdigyTheir Law
I grew up as the criminal justice act was being passed and to me ‘jilted generation’ and this track in particular is a great example of music as a form of protest.

Megan LinfordAll In Good Time
Megan provides the vocals on my track After the storm. This is one of her new tracks and it is lovely and seems like a great way to end the playlist.

You can hear clips from the new Amongst The Pigeons album SILENCE WILL BE ASSUMED AS ACCEPTRANCE on Bandcamp, where the full album will be available from Friday 7 May:

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