In Appreciation – Vangelis

by Ben Hogwood

As you have probably heard, the Greek composer and synthesizer maestro Vangelis has very sadly died at the age of 79.

Over his illustrious career, Vangelis has given us some of the very best and most recognisable film scores, not to mention productive projects in pop and classical music. A pioneer right through his musical life, he signed off with a typically ambitious piece of work, the Juno to Jupiter album for Decca.

A celebration of his career would not be complete without the inclusion of his timeless, majestic score to Blade Runner, a game-changer when it appeared in 1982:

Perhaps his best-known film work dates from the previous year, the soundtrack to celebrated film Chariots of Fire:

Meanwhile his pop projects included a strong connection with Yes vocalist Jon Anderson, which brought among many things I’ll Find My Way Home:

Meanwhile the Juno to Jupiter project mentioned above was a late work, featuring soprano Angela Gheorghiu:

One of the most-shared videos in the light of Vangelis’ passing has been Aegean Sea, a track from the 666 album released under his Aphrodite’s Child pseudonym in 1972:

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