Switched On – Daniel Troberg: Electro Works 1997-2002 (Sonidosys)

reviewed by Ben Hogwood

What’s the story?

A trip down memory lane for Daniel Troberg, the Finnish DJ and producer now located in Los Angeles  where he is resident for Transition @ Dublab. A lot has changed for him musically since 2002, but this collection brings together his solo output from the turn of the century.

What’s the music like?

Troberg explores a mixture of approaches. At times his music feels very minimal, and certainly is in the melodic department, but the variations in texture and clumps of activity behind the front line means there is actually a lot going on.

Some of these tracks are more experimental, and pull at the outer reaches of rhythm and melody. The cinematic Bad Dream is one of these, setting a weird and at times unsettling scene with its unusual harmonies. The slower Abyss looks down similar avenues.

On the other side, Zzz proves its worth as one of the best tracks with a combination of driving rhythms, friendly chatter in the midrange and a backdrop of cool keys. The more minimal Talkback gives off a rich array of colours from its dancing synth lines, while the propulsive Epax is a chunky piece of electro, again with minimal melody but punching its weight comfortably. Intruder is cut from similar cloth, while OBX2 is notable for a distinctive, thick chord that recurs at regular intervals.

Does it all work?

Largely. Troberg’s electro tracks are well crafted and impeccably scored. They generate a good deal of kinetic energy, if not always getting beyond a darker and minimal melodic approach.

Is it recommended?

Yes. It’s easy to see why figures such as Laurent Garnier, The Hacker and Marcel Dettmann have expressed support for Troberg’s collection, as fans of those artists will find much to appreciate here.

Listen & Buy

Electro Works 1997 – 2002 will be released on July 15 on Sonidosys. In the meantime, visit Daniel Troberg’s Soundcloud page for more tracks

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