Switched On – Sascha Funke: Treets EP (Kompakt)

Reviewed by Ben Hogwood

What’s the story?

Berlin-based DJ Sascha Funke marks his return to the Kompakt label with a five-track EP, his first release for them since 2014. In that time he has been very busy, recording for a multitude of labels, while continuing to flit between genres, a musical butterfly who rarely alights in the same area for too long.

And yet, as the press release for Treets states, his style is very distinctive, bringing in snatches of electro pop and rave to new and vibrant rhythms.

What’s the music like?

The title track is more than a bit odd, a straight break beat given a very odd, disembodied vocal to play with – but then a bass line and riff straight from the 1980s are teleported in, and everything makes sense. E-Plus mines similar territory for its source material, but now the sounds are nocturnal and give off a foreboding atmosphere.

Alles Paletti is another story, a beauty with richly layered textures producing golden colours over a solid, two-step rhythm that keeps it zipping along. Haus More enjoys textures of a similar warmth, though the riff itself has a bit of a wary profile, more monotone and watchful.

Finally Treets (The Other Version) is stripped back, more percussive and industrial, striking out for the corners of the room it’s in – and with that weird vocal back to create some sinister shivers again.

Does it all work?

It does. Funke gets a good blend of challenging his listener and giving them free rein on the dancefloor, an effective combination that gives the EP a solid sense of continuity.

Is it recommended?

Yes – followers of the producer will not hesitate, and it’s a good way back in to Sasche Funke’s music if you haven’t heard any of his more recent productions. On this evidence, he remains on good form.



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