Let’s Dance – Various Artists – Future Disco: Mirrorball Motel (Future Disco)

Reviewed by Ben Hogwood

What’s the story?

Future Disco has proved to be an incredibly popular series over the years, presenting a number of different takes on the house-disco interface. Part of its success is down to the ability to keep fresh with its selections, and true to form Mirrorball Motel includes five new tracks.

What’s the music like?

Consistently strong and rarely generic, this is a really enjoyable set of tunes.

The new material performs strongly. Daisybelle & Tasty Lopez’s Starlight (in Future Disco Ballroom Dub form) sashays onto the floor with confidence. Boys ShortsSuburban Love Affair has a strong West Coast vibe, while Italoconnection dazzle with interlinked synths in the 1980s throwback All Over. Charlie Hepworth‘s It’s Satisfaction has an enjoyable rough edge to its tone. Best of all, arguably, is the heat-soaked You Understand from the brilliantly named Clive From Accounts, a track full of atmosphere and promise.

The other tracks are hardly fillers – not when you consider the addition of Roosevelt, Breakbot, Irfane & Yuksek and Digitalism – as well as strong contributions from the likes of Storken and EYNKA, who throws in some Bicep-friendly shimmering synths.

Does it all work?

It does – Mirrorball Motel takes you to a different place pretty much straight away, impressing with its fusion of poolside house and deep, clubby dance fodder.

Is it recommended?

Yes, enthusiastically – taking its place alongside the most successful instalments in an impressively durable series.



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