Switched On – Matthewdavid: Mycelium Music (Leaving Records)

by Ben Hogwood

What’s the story?

It is definitely worth reading the thoughts of Matthewdavid behind his new album, as documented on his Bandcamp page.

In the course of his writing the Los Angeles-based producer documents the importance of the vast, subterranean fungal network known as the ‘mycelium’, and proceeds to explore how he has captured it in musical form.

It is his first long player release in five years.

What’s the music like?

As always, Matthewdavid’s music teems with life, and in this case it feels like a process of continuous growth expressed in musical form. With no drums, and seemingly no pulse under which the music operates, it takes its own elasticated form. The relative lack of bass, too, means that the listener can feel suspended in space, the music taking place all around without ever feeling earthbound.

The music has a closer focus than previous Matthewdavid’s Mindflight material, more psychedelic too – and often carries the impression of tendrils being extended through probing electronic sounds. On occasion the view pans out to take in a wider expanse, as on the tracks Liquidity and Zithercelium.

Does it all work?

It does, and the considerable advantage here is that the listener can sit on the edge of the music, enjoying its calming effect, or go for total immersion on headphones to harness its peak meditative powers.

Is it recommended?

Yes. Matthewdavid’s take on ambient music is a consistently individual one, and this album is full of new life, intriguing sonic tunnels and possibilities.



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