Switched on – Douglas Greed: Angst (3000° Grad)

What’s the story?

The story behind Angst is one made for these times. Douglas Greed returns to long-playing action five years after his previous outing for the BPitch Control label. The press release behind the album talks extensively about fear, a state of mind we have all experienced over the last few months – but it explores how Greed has used it in a positive sense.

He is not alone either, enlisting the services of vocalist Joy Wellboy for the resilient album bookends Roll With The Punches and Not Afraid. Meanwhile Odd Beholder takes over vocal duties for two further songs, The Few and Numbers.

What’s the music like?

Very easy on the ear. Greed writes intimate music that is ultimately comforting, especially in the unison vocal achieved with Wellboy for Roll With The Punches, which is complemented by long, serene melodies. Odd Beholder’s tracks are also cool, offering a good contrast to the instrumentals around, and on The Few there is a nice, full bass.

Of the instrumentals, The Taste Of Dust is effective with the extra atmosphere of its muted trumpet, while the harmonic shades of Wie man unsterbliche Tiere züchtet complement the spoken word sample. The Future Will Repeat Itself has quite an ominous warning but opens out nicely into broader textures, while the sharper tones of Everybody Wants To Live In A Mansion hint at busier dancefloors.

Greed saves the most uplifting and resourceful track until last, Wellboy’s contribution to Not Afraid packing a strong emotional message and depth.

Does it all work?

Yes, and Angst works well as a single unit, its structure paced just right. On occasion I wondered if Greed might flex his muscles a bit more in the percussion department, but subtlety and intimacy are his watchwords here. The vocals complement his thoughtful approach, and the slightly brooding instrumentals really complement the moods we find ourselves in currently.

Is it recommended?

It is – for those who like their electronic music on the mindful side. Greed’s music does have strength in depth, and can act both as a home listening comfort and a quiet but lasting inspiration.

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