Switched on – Luke Abbott: Kagen Zorn

Today’s scheduled article for Arcana was to be a review of Laurence Pike’s new album Prophecy. Yet in a rather nice coincidence he has been moved politely aside for news of the return of his good friend and Szun Waves teammate, Luke Abbott.

Abbott has revealed news of a first solo record in six years, with Translate due to be released on 30 October by Border Community. Along with the announcement he has shared ‘Kagen Sound’, an intriguing first track from the album. Described – accurately as ‘menacingly driving but punctuated with endearing flourishes’, it is a compelling listen.

Abbott himself says, “Kagen Sound is one of the simpler tracks on the record, it’s based around the Korg Monopoly, which is one of my favourite sounding synths. The track is named after an American puzzle box maker, he makes the most incredibly intricate wooden puzzle boxes. I’ve been interested in puzzle boxes since I saw Hellraiser when I was about 11 years old, maybe I shouldn’t have seen that film so young. To me the track feels like a a huge opening in the earth, like a cosmic doorway, which is why it’s the opening track on the album.”

Translate will be released with the artwork below, a drawing begun by Abbott’s son and finalised by Luke himself.

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