Playlist – K.D.A.P. (Kevin Drew)

It is our great pleasure to bring you a playlist from Broken Social Scene’s Kevin Drew…or K.D.A.P. as he is currently known for his solo activities.

K.D.A.P. (Kevin Draws A Picture) has not long released his Influences album, a fascinating document of his experiences ‘locked down’ in the English countryside. In that time Drew made very creative use of the Endlesss app, and as you will read in an interview with Arcana coming soon, he captured his natural experiences and sights on a form of musical film.

In our interview we also asked Drew for a playlist of the music he has been listening to of late, and he obliged with this:

Have a listen – you will hear music from Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini’s collaboration, two impressive works from Gigi Masin and longer form treasures from Laurel Halo, Teebs and Emily A. Sprague. Drew raised himself on a diet of early Warp treasures and Brian Eno, but as you will hear from this selection his musical tastes are considerably broader than you might expect.

Listen, and enjoy – and come back in a few days for the interview!

K.D.A.P.’s new album Influences is out now on Arts & Crafts Productions – and it can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp below:

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