In appreciation – Angelo Badalamenti

by Ben Hogwood

Two days ago we learned of the sad news that composer Angelo Badalamenti had died, aged 85.

There is a very fine tribute to Angelo on the Guardian website from Sian Cain, but I wanted to add to that – simply – by posting the soundtrack to Twin Peaks here for everyone to listen to. Ironically Julee Cruise, the distinctive vocalist who sings three songs on the soundtrack, passed away only six months ago.

What a ground breaking piece of work this is, the standout of many collaborations with director David Lynch. Its deep romanticism is immediately striking, along with latent menace in Laura Palmer’s Theme, but also of note is the space in which the music operates. Badalamenti makes a great deal from what seems to be very little material – the sign, surely, of a great composer. Listen and enjoy:

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