In Appreciation – Julee Cruise

by Ben Hogwood

Yesterday we learned the sad news of the death of Julee Cruise, at the age of 65.

Cruise will forever be associated with director David Lynch and the cult TV show Twin Peaks, which made its debut in 1990. Four years prior to that, when looking for a song for his equally influential film Blue Velvet, Lynch was looking for a song instead of his initial target, This Mortal Coil’s Song to the Siren. Composer Angelo Badalamenti stepped in, enlisting Cruise as the voice for his remarkable song Mysteries of Love, where the voice is supported by airy, padded synthesizers:

Four years later Badalamenti and Cruise collaborated again, this time on the theme for one of the most influential of all TV series. Twin Peaks‘ calling card was its remarkable music, and Falling embodied its glamour but also its darkness. Even now Badalamenti’s score is regarded as one of the most influential small screen soundtracks, its dark but luminous writing an utterly compelling blend – topped, of course, by the breathy control of Cruise, whose voice commands the work with remarkable subtlety.

You can listen to Falling below, but for a thorough appreciation of Cruise’s life and work I would direct you to an excellent obituary for The Guardian by Dorian Lynskey

Playlist – Sound of Mind 8: On camera

With the curfew situation as it is in the UK, we will get to know our home surroundings in minute detail as the days go by!

In that time we are likely to watch a lot more TV than we normally do, so with that in mind, here is a playlist of music associated with the screen – which handily gives us an hour without adverts that will hopefully calm and inspire by turn.

The selection starts with my favourite piece of Thomas Newman, from The Road to Perdition, before taking in music from Clint Eastwood Jr, Hans Zimmer‘s brilliant Interstellar, Daft Punk, Hannah Peel and an excerpt from this year’s Oscar winner, Hildur Guðnadóttir, and her remarkable score for The Joker.

Later on we hear from Angelo Badalamenti‘s Twin Peaks score, Cliff Martinez‘s music for Drive, Brian Eno and finally M83 – whose Outro has played out a good many programs. Hope you enjoy the music!

Ben Hogwood