Switched On – Dorian Concept: What We Do For Others (Brainfeeder)

Reviewed by Ben Hogwood

What’s the story?

Vienna-based artist Dorian Concept – aka Oliver Johnson – releases his third album through the Ninja Tune family. This one celebrates a less calculated way of working – which is not to mean it is careless, but that Johnson has decided to apply less of an editing process to the results.

What’s the music like?

Colourful and often invigorating. Tracks such as the cheery You’re Untouchable and Friends show Johnson’s prowess as a beat maker, and his instinctive way of working that comes from jazz.

The influences on the record are refreshingly far-reaching, and mean that pigeon holes for Dorian Concept’s music are more or less cast aside. The Other has an Eastern feel, while Let It All Go, Survival Instinct and Turn Away are musical workshops, clicking and whirring their way into life with a host of playful riffs. In these communal moments Johnson’s music recalls another, much earlier Ninja act, the collective Homelife.

On the other hand Johnson has a talent for setting a more reserved and evocative atmosphere, which he does in the nocturnal Fever.

Does it all work?

It does. Johnson’s music has a fresh, instinctive feel about it, as though the paint on his artworks has only just dried.

Is it recommended?

Yes. What We Do For Others is a celebration of creativity, and its many layers reveal something new with each listen.