Playlist – Sound of Mind 4: Weekend positivity!

Today it’s all about channelling some positivity for the weekend, in the form of some brightly polished electronic music.

That means some uplifting tracks from the likes of Bibio, Four Tet and Mylo – but beyond the solo producers we have some diva-licious contributions from Robyn, Little Dragon, Santi Gold and Róisín Murphy.

I hope you enjoy it – and stay tuned for more over the weekend!

Ben Hogwood

Playlist – Sound of Mind 3: Orchestral

Today’s playlist of music for the mind has an orchestral theme, which will hopefully bring you some colour if you’re stuck indoors.

This one features Aaron Copland‘s brightly-scored ballet music Appalachian Spring, the first movement of Rachmaninov‘s Second Piano Concerto, Elgar‘s Sospiri, shorter works by Grieg and Debussy, and Vaughan Williams‘ timeless Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis:

I hope you enjoy it – and stay tuned for some uplifting Friday vibes tomorrow!

Ben Hogwood

Playlist – Sound of Mind 2: Songs

Following on from yesterday’s playlist of music for the mind, here is a song-based sequel for you to enjoy if you’re cooped up indoors.

Again it is a random selection compiled from some personal favourites, with appearances from Talk Talk, Richard Hawley, Goldfrapp, Björk and Erland Cooper.

I hope you enjoy it – and stay tuned for a third, classical installment tomorrow.

Ben Hogwood

Playlist – Sound of Mind

With the world in such a weird place at the moment, now seems like a good time to share a playlist of ambient music to ease the mind.

This one, homemade on the hoof, includes some personal favourites from Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Brian Eno, The Orb and a whole lot more:

I hope you enjoy it – and if you have any suggestions for future playlists please get in touch. Happy to do a whole load more!

Ben Hogwood

Playlist – BUNKR

It gives us great pleasure to welcome BUNKR – aka James Dean – as the first contributor to Arcana’s playlist section this decade!

In an hour of music, James takes us through “a collection of tracks I love and artists I admire who have no doubt helped to shape the BUNKR sound”. Over the last year the BUNKR sounds has been established through the very fine instrumental album The Initiation Well, containing ‘finely crafted pictures where the imagination is left open’, according to a certain Arcana website.

Our playlist takes in blissful, slowly shifting ambience from Susumu Yokota and Steve Hauschildt, before the music gains more rhythmic impetus from R84D and Plaid. Fujiya & Miyagi are up next, applying their distinctive hushed vocals to a remix of BUNKR’s own Solitary Drift, from The Initiation Well remix album due to be reviewed on this site soon.

Moving on to more intricate constructions, we hear from Yimino and Baccara Smart, preston.outatime and the twisted synth lines of Dalham. Electronica royalty Boards of Canada are next, then the contrasting pictures offered by the remote Lost Idol and the lush Ochre. Finally µ-Ziq takes us into orbit with Goodbye, Goodbye, the closing track from his Royal Astronomy album of 1999.

Our thanks to James for a fine hour of new music, introducing us to new names and reinforcing some established ones! Enjoy on Spotify below…